Module A4: Use of Information in Monitoring, Planning and Management

9. Teaching-learning processes

Teaching-learning processes in the classroom are equally important determinants of the quality of education under EFA. Apart from the indicators above, the following indicators can be used to monitor the quality of teaching-learning processes in school:

  • Number of class hours per week, per month, per school year
  • Ratio of actual class-hours/planned class-hours by subject and by class
  • Frequency of use of teaching aids
  • Frequency of use of new teaching-learning methods
  • Frequency of practice in class of critical thinking/problem-solving/creative skills

The frequencies of teacher-student counselling, teacher visits to family, and other teacher- student group activities per month or per semester can also help to monitor teacher-student interactions that promote and facilitate learning. These indicators serve the additional purpose of monitoring teacher performance.

Activity 21

Review and discuss with other school managers, district and local education officers about the monitoring of teaching-learning processes in school. Then, answer the following questions:

  1. How do you monitor the teaching-learning processes in your school?
  2. What were the difficulties you encountered in monitoring the teaching-learning processes?
  3. How best should one go about monitoring teaching-learning processes in school?

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