Module B1: Exploring Household Survey Data for EFA Monitoring

Purposes and learning outcomes

  • To gain a better understanding of common household surveys.
  • To understand how household survey data can be used in education planning and EFA monitoring.
  • To explore the value added and benefits of using data from household surveys for EFA monitoring and assessment.
  • To recognize the questions, which are commonly used in household surveys, and that are directly or indirectly useful for exploring access, quality and management of education, and their determinants.
  • To know the key issues to be aware of while analyzing data from household surveys.
  1. Understanding Household Surveys and Population Census
    1. 1.1 Introduction to Household Surveys
    2. 1.2 Education Related Questions (or Modules) in Household Surveys
    3. 1.3 Inputs from Household Surveys for EFA Monitoring and Assessment
  2. Brief Information about Common Household Surveys
    1. 2.1 Background and Objectives of Selected Surveys
    2. 2.2 Structure and Contents of the Selected “Survey Questionnaires”
    3. 2.3 Considerations on Sample Design
    4. 2.4 Understanding Survey Data Files and Availability of Education Related Data
  3. Gathering Survey Data and Getting Ready for Analysis
    1. 3.1 Data Sources and Contact Points for Obtaining Census and Survey Data
    2. 3.2 Common Obstacles and Approaches in Gathering Population Census and Household Survey Data
    3. 3.3 Quality Issues, Challenges and Recommendations in Using Survey Data
    4. 3.4 Use of Survey Data along with EMIS Data/Indicators for EFA Monitoring
  4. Exercises and Further Studies
    1. 4.1 Self-evaluation
    2. 4.2 Exercises
    3. 4.3 Further Studies

    Annex 1: Education Related Questions from Nepal Living Standard Survey 2002/03

    Annex 2: Education Related Variables in the Selected Datasets

     Tutorial I: Downloading Datawrap

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